Floreia® believes that individual style transcends fashion trends. One-of-a-kind pieces made with love and carefully crafted by skilled artisans, every component is made using sustainable materials and patented processes, Nucast® and Naturescast®.

It all started on a sunny day during the company’s facility cleanup, being isolated by forests, we had heaps and stacks of agro-forest debris  that were collected. In the Philippines, the abundance of this resource is taken for granted and is usually taken as an easy access to use as firewood. By rescuing these debris, prolonging the life of the material adds more depth to Mother Nature and also provides opportunities to our artisans. 

The fastest way of getting rid of this "waste" was to burn them. But saner heads prevailed, maybe we can make something out of this untapped and abundant resource.

  Floreia® was born…

Floreia® thrives by making unique handmade pieces that inspire a mindful lifestyle. Making the world a better place through sustainable fashion accessories.